Green Country Veterans

GREEN COUNTRY VETERANS DELIVERS HOPE to vets in the Green Country area. Providing years of necessities, entertainment, and love. Located among the beautiful green hill sides of North Eastern Oklahoma. Designated for the men and women that served so proudly for our country  years ago.

GCVA has been referred to as the most dedicated veterans care organization in the Green Country area for years. President Jim Baker has been taking care of our vets for over 50 years with excellence. Jim has been voted president 8 times running due to his dedication and care of the future of the veterans in NE Oklahoma.


A rumor has been circulating that Official Military Personnel Files (OMPF's) at the National Personnel Center (NPRC), operated by the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), will be digitized and then destroyed. THIS RUMOR IS ABSOLUTELY FALSE. TO REPEAT - THIS RUMOR IS NOT TRUE.

Neither the DOD or the NPRC intends to to destroy any OMPFs stored at the Center. The purpose of any electronic scanning would be to help preserve the originals and increase in handling record reference requests. Record requests resulting from false rumors will have a negative impact on NPRC's ability to respond to requests from veterans with real immediate needs, such as medical treatment, employment, retirement, etc.

 All gave some. Some gave all.